Park City, Kentucky is located in the rolling hills of southern Kentucky. Situated half way between Louisville and Nashville on I-65 (Exit 48). Park City is the gateway to Mammoth Cave National Park and is home to historic Bell's Tavern. Park City is adjoined to I-65, US31-W, and the original L&N Railroad line. In addition to the cave attractions at Mammoth Cave National Park and Historic Diamond Caverns, Park City is also home to three 18-hole golf courses.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Bell's Tavern stands today as it did in 1865. The tavern was never completed due to the Civil War. The grounds are now open to the public free of charge.

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Park City City Commission Meeting
October 12, 2015

1) Call to order
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Prayer
4) Minutes of September 8, 2015 Regular Meeting
5) Minutes of September 14, 2015 Special Called Meeting
6) Financial Report
7) Reports:

A. Mayor
B. Code Enforcement
C. Maintenance
D. Police
F. Fire Department
G .Planning & Zoning 
H. Cemetery 
I. Seniors
J. Idea Board

8) Old Business
9) New Business

A. Approve re-numbering of Resolution No. 08-16 – Contract for Professional Services – CDBG to Resolution No.  09-15
B. Approve re-numbering of Resolution No. 08-15 – CDBG Project Costs to Resolution No. 14-15
C. Approve re-numbering Resolution No. 09-15 – CDBG Project Income to Resolution No. 15-15
D. Resolution No. 16-15 – Renewing Loan # 4800048901with South Central Bank
E. Resolution No. 17-15 – Renewing Note  # 200972264  with South Central Bank
F. Resolution No. 18-15 – Loan Agreement with Gary / Karen-Baldwin Carroll
G. Resolution No. 19-15 – Recognizing Park City Elementary School

Public Comments / Announcements


Bobby Bunnell,
City Clerk/Treasurer
City of Park City
Park City, Kentucky
270-749-5695 - Office
270-749-2425 - Fax