Park City – City Commission Meeting


March 5, 2018

1) Call to order

2) Pledge of Allegiance

3) Prayer

4) Approve Minutes of February 5, 2018 Regular Meeting

5) Financial Report

6) Reports:

A. Mayor

B. Code Enforcement

C. Maintenance

D. Police


F. Fire Department

G .Planning & Zoning

H. Cemetery

I. Seniors

J. Idea Board

K. Caveland Marketing Report

L. Park City Tourist & Convention

7) Old Business

A)   WRECC Lighting Project

B)   Trailtown Meeting

C)   Playground Equipment

8) New Business

A)   Approve Resolution-Recreational Trails Grant Application

B)   Designation of Commissioner Department Head Responsibilites

Public Comments / Announcements

Park City Seniors will meet Wed., March 14, 2018 at 11:30 at Seniors Center


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